Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kodugu and its beauty

Nature at its best
When I was a little child, I watched this romantic song shot at a breath taking scenery, sung in an unknown language. And all that I could remember from the song was ‘Madikeri Sepoyee’. The language and the place fascinated me; it looked like a fairy land. It made me wonder about this place. But I let the thought pass by. A few years down line I went on my first college trip and there, I saw my fairy land – Coorg. 

The Misty Heights
A home away from home.
If you’re in Coorg, one of the most serene places to stay at is Misty Heights. As the name suggests, the house is located on top of a mountain, with an unusually steep climb to the top, even for a place like Madikeri. The rooms have a homelike feel and there’s enough space for a campfire right outside the house making the place perfect for a weekend getaway. What I enjoyed most about Misty Heights was a swing at the edge of the mountain, overlooking green mountains on every side. At night, the view from the swing gives one the surrealistic feel of looking in at Coorg from the outside.

Namdroling Monastry aka Golden Temple
A feel of Tibet in Coorg
Trekking and river rafting are great options for the adventurous. The owners arrange for such activities and for transport. They also prepare authentic Kodava food for guests. The elephant training camp at Dubare, located on the banks of the river Kaveri, is fun to visit. The Golden Temple at Khushalnagar is a must-visit for many reasons, especially the stunning architecture and artwork.

There is something about Coorg that is so heart-warming and welcoming. Coorg is a place that everybody can enjoy, whether you’re into adventure sports or want a peaceful place to read a book or may be simply star gaze.


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For the adventurous soul  - Things to do
The White water rafting
Hiking & Rock Climbing
Boating and Fishing  
Barapole Rafting  

For the relaxing soul
Ayurveda massage & treatments.

What to buy
Buy spices.
Buy Coorgi costumes and traditional weapons.
Buy traditional Kodagu jewels like Kokkethathi or Jomale.
Buy made-in-Coorg honey.

Source: Wikitravel