Saturday, 21 July 2012

Kolkata Street Food, from the heart!

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If you are in Kolkata you don't need to be a foodie. You are just converted into one. 

The pulse of the whole city is in the little shacks and the vendors that crowd at the street corners feeding starved souls. Yes, that's what you get here- soul food. 

Be it a bad break up when you need that early morning chai from Maharaja, that crazy uncle's house that you have to visit with Senmohashoy sweets or the girls' day out where you shop from the biggest brands but all you eat is the phuchka from that person on the lake road who just understands your taste, each and every one of these moments feed your soul.

How many times can you resist that ghoogny in front of the Vardhaan market or cut down on the butter in your pav bhaji opposite AC Market? And, how many times did you daydream of "shingara" and "Armiti" from Arun da's tea stall while your boss sets yet another deadline? The food is an inseparable part of your being. 

Egg Roll
There must be so many times when you came out of the Park hotel and all you wanted was a roll from Kusum or Hot Kati Roll.I am sure you felt on top of the world the day you discovered momos in Tibetian delight or Blue Poppy or tasted that first Doodh Cola in Balwant Singh Dhaba. These are achievements that stay with you surprisingly long after your joy of that first promotion fades away.

Kolkata is not perfect and neither is the food but the city has a very big heart and the food is straight from that heart. It warms you in cold days, keeps the adda going on the "rock", gets you over so many heartaches and let's you know each and every time that no matter what, there is always something this good waiting for you. 

[Discover the India of your dreams @ - The Way I Like.]