Monday, 21 May 2012

Royal Rajasthan in Images

The one thing true about Rajasthan is that in this land there is never a dull moment. The cities are not just coloured by nostalgia but they are literally coloured. Thus how can you escape the colours of the artisans of this very talented bunch of people.  Here they come alive, speak to you and welcome you.

The fort on the backdrop of a blue city with a sea of houses. A surprisingly breathtaking  view for a foreigner but a very mundane one for a local person. All the cities are uniquely coloured and all of them sport some very famous forts which somewhere make you feel like a petty invader!

A very common occurrence, the dearth of a cannon rather than its presence is shocking. A tribe brought up with echoes of war and warring factions in every direction, a cannon can very well be the mascot of this place. Walking through Rajasthan is similar to turning the pages of your history book and belonging to the ravages of many a war.

However much you may try, you cannot escape the sense of royalty that is ingrained in the very soil of Rajasthan. Maybe the grand palaces and the ornate buildings heighten this sense, yet without them it would be the same. 


The land of Raja, Maharajas, the grandeur is Rajasthan is more than seen or felt. It is imbibed.

Rajasthan belongs to its people. Tough people of the hardened desert, artistic people of the bygone era, the people who were born warriors and the people who embraced a land which tests them to the highest level. 

Yet they strive, survive, live and enrich this land with their unrelenting personalities. They make every bit of it beautiful.

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