Sunday, 3 June 2012

Yeh Dilli hai mere yaar

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'Yeh Dilli hai mere yaar'... four words that sum up the entire essence of a place. Let's categorically keep in mind the fact that Delhi is a union territory and today the etc. part outside New Delhi is as important as the city itself.

India Gate

To be very frank , Delhi defines pomp and show. Every little move is an event in itself. A part of this is clearly reflected in all the people living here. Yet how can you begrudge a place which celebrates the mere fact of waking up every morning. After all we seem to have forgotten that it should be celebrated.

Sign to Chandni Chowk
A centre of possibly every important event that has ever occured in the history of India, every road in Delhi laden with centuries of importance gives you a pause. Somewhere you can feel the very grandeur of being in the most important part of the country. From the stretch of the Red Fort to the still existant Meena bazaar to the eclectic lanes of Chandni Chowk, each step you take is steeped in a tradition which makes us who we are.

Delhi Street food
Of course the big heart of Delhi is somehow reflected in its timeless food. When will you ever be able to refuse aloo ka paratha, galoti  kababs or golgappas? Never.  When will you get the opprtunity to walk down  a street , the character of which is defined my the food stalls in it? However posh or common, food unifies the whole city making it welcome everyone.

Dilli Haat
Delhi delights you. It is a place where you will get everything. When you are in the city you roam with a genie in your pocket. You literally get all your wishes fulfilled. Go to Delhi Haat and revel in the traditional fare which will enthrall you. Go to Janpat or Sarojini Nagar and let loose your pockets because you simply cannot resist it. Every time you are here you will even shop big.

And thats what it is all about. Delhi is big. The hundreds of roads making it are big. The new metro rail network is very big. The malls are humongous and the marketplaces are so huge that you get totally lost in the middle of the day. Even the portions of food served up to you is big and not because they want to be positioned as value for money. But the most important of all is that Delhi has one big heart and and you can't help but be proud of our capital city.

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[Discover the India of your dreams @ - The Way I Like.]