Monday, 5 November 2012

Women Friendly Destinations - Part I

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Dear Ladies,

                We have, all of us, in varying ways and at different
times, thought of conquering the worlds and going away to any place
that we want to and would like to visit - Just to be able to get up
and leave for some distant destination according to our whims! Mostly
though, the practicalities of safety and security have held us back.
Keeping that in mind, we thought of introducing all our lady friends
to those destinations across India which one can visit, without
worrying about the safety measures and other such shenanigans.

First on our list is our all time favourite- Coorg, Karnataka. It is
not only one of the most beautiful places in India but it is one of
the safest, especially for women. We have been made to believe that if
you do not want to go down the usual touristy path, there are always a
lot of fun things to do here! One of our favourites was to wander
around and discover the new places around.

Next, we suggest Hampi, which is a serene and beautiful place that
holds up the quintessence of charm that lies in life in the Indian
villages. You can sit for hours on the Matanga Hill or by the river
Tungabhadra and watch the sun set, wondering about this vast world and
its tiny beautiful details that make life so much more colourful. The
healthy spattering of locals, tourists, hippies and priests makes it a
magnet for vibrancy! We are told that travelling at night is also not
a problem here as it is quite safe mostly.

If you are one of those who happen to be interested in architecture
and heritage, well then, we would like to draw your attention to
Orchha in Madhya Pradesh. This is one of those Indian medieval towns,
lost to the world. It was founded by the Bundela kings in the 16th
century and now stands as a mystery on its own. Palaces and temples
crowd the place and give it a distinct identity of its own. Every
monument, every pillar has a story of its own, to tell. It is
perfectly safe here, to roam around and literally begin to discover an
era that has bygone. It has the power to charm you into becoming a
part of its oblivion!

Enchanting as old world sculpting and monuments are, one cannot miss
Khajuraho. At first sound, it does not sound like the safest of places
to be wandering around, we shall give you that! However, there are
tricks to this trade! If you stay around the locals at all given times
and reach your destination before darkness hits, you should be safe.
Another tip is to behave like the locals around there. This seems to
work almost everywhere we go. Khajuraho is a beautiful place with
immemorial and immortal sandstone monuments which capture our
imagination every single time and push it further beyond! 

And of course, one cannot forget to mention Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.
Tucked away in a far corner of Arunachal Pradesh, the town’s name
literally means ‘the chosen one’. It houses one of the largest and
oldest monasteries in the country and is indeed a special place. Added
to the historical value, the place can also wow with its stretches of
greenery and if you are lucky, you may also find a bit of snowfall.
The most unforgettable experience is that of the Galden Namgey Lhatse
monastery or the celestial paradise. The land of mighty mountains, a
hundred lakes and some of the most vibrant festivals and the
birthplace of the 6th Llama, this incredible place welcomes every
traveller with open arms. It is mostly untouched by any sort of unrest
that might plague other parts of AP, thus making it one of the safest
places for all and mostly women.

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