Monday, 12 November 2012

Women Friendly destinations Part II

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Anegundi in Karnataka is another very women friendly location. Across
the river Tungabhadra, it houses a very old Durga temple that is worth
exploring. It has plenty nooks and corners which make for brilliant
wanderers’ spots. The monuments, the cave temples and the prehistoric
rock art at Onake Kindi make for brilliant sights and tales to tell.
One must explore to know the place better, making a bit of self
discovery along the way.

But those of you who need a little more thrill on their vacations,
wildlife spotting is a feasible and safe option. The Kaziranga
Wildlife Sanctuary is known to be one of the safer wildlife
sanctuaries. The only rule that we came across here is to be calm and
peaceful during the journey. Be peaceful. If the animals are not
provoked, wildlife tours can be very exciting. The delightful joy that
one gets from being so near to Nature and her children cannot be
described in mere words. Wildlife can be exciting as it is. If you
want another taste of wildlife from close quarters then Masinagudi in
Tamil Nadu, is where you need to be. Set at the foothills of the
Nilgiris, this place is the best to spot wildlife, especially birds
and elephants. You can also easily head off to Ooty or Mudumalai
Wildlife Sanctuary from here. As long as you do not irk or provoke the
elephants, you should be in for a treat, whether you are a wildlife
lover or no.

 Similarly, deserts do not judge by gender. They know of no boundaries
or divisions. A desert knows only vastness and in that lies its soul
and beauty. Our research shows, that the Thar Desert in Rajasthan is
no exception. The people here are accepting of others and are as
welcoming as the desert itself. Men and women are welcomed alike with
open arms and an open heart and standing in front of the sea of sand,
one cannot but feel humbled and awed.

Another must visit on this list has to be The Sikkim Mountains, which
are beautiful as they are welcoming of all. The treks, the long walks,
the amazing weather, everything is worth the journey. However, having
a good guide, moving in large numbers together and keeping some form
of authority informed about your presence, these are must-dos. A
little bit of caution does, after all, go a long way! 

 Spiti, the
beautiful desert mountain valley tucked away high in the Himalayan
mountains adds to the list of safe, woman-friendly places in India.
One must visit Ki Monastery and Tabo Monastery while there.

Finally for those of you who love a good beach to cheer you up, but
have been told a thousand times to stay away from the mostly unsafe
beaches in India, we say, fear not! So what if you can’t go to Goa.
Try Sindhudurg. Located very near Goa, this place has almost virgin
beaches and isolated forts and monuments. The perfect place to get
lost! You may also want to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a
perfect choice for women who just want to get lost in their own little
worlds for a few days! Breathe in the fresh air and marvel at the
natural untouched beauty around. Splash about in the water at the
Radhanagar Beach in Havelock. It is pristine and untouched beauty at
its very best.

So, Ladies, here you have it! With a little bit of self-caution,
alertness and responsible travelling, you are now equipped to put to
rest all those doubts about safe travel. We encourage you to step out.
Step out and conquer!



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