Monday, 16 April 2012

10 items of Travel: Travel light, Travel smart

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It is an age old battle to figure out the essentials of travelling. They seem to change every time a new destination is chosen.  Of course, it is important to blend in with the local flavor of the place you are about to explore. But, I believe there are 10 things that you need to throw in first into your luggage. Because these are the constant necessities

1.     Compass
Nobody really wants to get lost now do they?  A compass in need can be priceless indeed. When trying to navigate a map or sliding down a muddy side road a compass is the one object which will give you a sense of belonging.

2.     Money-belt

It is the safety belt that you do not take off.  The thin line amongst your clothes is the one insurance you cannot do without. Put the extra cash , a copy of your passport and keep it zipped tight. You may never know if there is a pickpocket lurking somewhere. 

Money Bag

3.     Map
This is your only source of direction in unknown territory.  Even with the trendy apps guiding you to perfection, let’s face it, this is India. Broken roads, no network and local help goes with the territory. Be smart. Carry a detailed map. The one with even the cart roads drawn on them.

4.     Reusable Water bottle
The highest amount of illness occurs because of water. Sometimes for the quality of it and sometimes for the lack of it. It is the safest to fill your bottle at every water purifier you come across and keep it constantly at hand. Water is invaluable. No wasting it.

5.     Backup documents
Lets be smart here. Always photocopy your important documents and keep them in different pouches. If one gets lost, God forbid, you have another. Also keep a copy of the same with people at home. You don’t want to be stranded without a proof of your identity.

6.  I pod
The joy of travelling lies in experiencing the journey with all your senses. While some sounds are a delight, some are plain noise. Cut out the ramble of the old bus, the cattle herd, the screeching conductor and the crying baby beside you with a dose of what suits you best. Your own music.
Swiss Knife

7.     Medication and Prescription
Carry your own potions. You know yourself the best.  For people with severe health issues, the right count of medications for the number of days is a must. Regular medicines for common cold, fever, etc should always be carried as a back up. In case of specific drugs, carry prescriptions.

8.     Swiss Army Knife

This small, light, multipurpose weapon will save you. Be it to open a bottle, cut a sealed pack or hack at ropes if you are tied up, a swiss army knife can be your 911 call. On your next trip count the number of times you use it. You will never leave it behind again.

9.     Flashlight with extra Batteries

It is always beneficial to carry light, No one can argue with that. A small flashlight can help you in case of the numerous power cuts all over the country. It can help in every dark corner you encounter. But do not forget the extra batteries.

Travel shoes and socks

10.Suitable   shoes

Gravel, pebbles, granite, marble or mud. Your shoes should combat it all. These are your best friends. When you have to go that extra mile or take the important leap, they should be there to make it easier for you.

Well, I hope this helps you in your travel, be it spontaneous or otherwise, do plan your items of travel, so that you enjoy it to the fullest with the littlest of glitches. Happy travelling. 

[Discover the India of your dreams @ - The Way I Like.]