Sunday, 29 April 2012

Pune: always young at heart

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Do you know that the air of Pune is young?
When you pass by the myriad of sounds in the city, which lazy hums in the air your age visibly reduces. Maybe it’s the very high population of the young and aspiring, the lazy one to four siesta in the afternoon or the extremely friendly people that you bump into quite regularly. It’s difficult to point it out. But hey, who doesn’t want to relive the happiest days of their life. 

Sinhagad Fort
That’s what Pune is: A very happy city. Take a drive on the outskirts of the city to Sinhagad fort or the Mulshi dam and you realise that it is surrounded by the same beauty and happiness. Enter the city and that sense of beauty still lingers. Flanked by hills on every side, Pune makes it so easy for its people to breathe in its air. It’s pleasant, always so pleasant.

Osho Ashram
If you are a foodie this city will make you feel like the king. From the roadside daabeli wallas with that confounding mixture on the bread to the gourmet meals served in the five star restaurants, all of it is a sight, smell and taste to behold. Take a stroll down Koregaon Park and buy some Osho chappals, and then take a walk in them.  Reach the local Burger King and eat a burger, which becomes a task to finish sometimes.With the sensation of such liberties you may grasp a bit of the reason why Pune has refused to age. 

Dagdusheth Ganpati
Hop into one of the many Iranian restaurants with their rusting tables and incomparable caramel custard and reminisce with the owner about old days. Bow your head in front of the Dagdusheth Ganpati idol and then try to wall through the screen of crowd on Lakshmi Road trying to hunt for the obscure “Puneri” things you want to collect as a memento. Then stop on the roadside to have one of the best “sev puri”s and “gola”s in the world.
Mumbai Pune Expressway

And when you are leaving the city by the express highway there is one thing that is guaranteed. You will look back, more than once. 

[Discover the India of your dreams @ - The Way I Like.]

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