Monday, 23 April 2012

Chennai: The land of Dosas, Pongal and Superkings?

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The land of the Dosas, Murugan, Pongal and very recently the Superkings Chennai covers the diversity between modern and traditional seamlessly. The modern looking city is one of the fastest developing cities in the world, yet it holds on to its past very strongly. The past traditions is ingrained in the very essence of Chennai.

There are a lot of preconceived notions about the city and they are not very youth friendly I must say. Yet Chennai today hosts one the most intelligent educated bunch of people. They have the right opinions about the right amount of things. And they have insights. As people are the personality of any city we could safely call Chennai insightful.
Marina Beach
I am not going to list the to dos here. You can get it anywhere on the net. I just want you to know what I felt in Chennai. I did not have a lot of expectations and was glad I was surprised. We have become such creatures of the night that we forget to explore and imbibe a city in the daytime. Well Chennai is a daytime city. From a healthy fight with the auto drivers to the sweltering heat to the bumping into people, all of it is a part of the city. But so is sitting on the beach looking at the sunset and a long drive on  ECR buying as many tender coconuts as possible.
A Collage of the city

What struck me the most is its quiet pride. It is a city which does not boast, not will it tolerate any wrong. Chennai is proud of its culture, tradition heritage, faith and modernization. The twenty first century has not intruded upon it. In fact it has emerged into the millennium rejoicing.

Go to the Crocodile bank and Dakshin Chitra. Eat some dosas in Saravana Bhavan. Listen to a concert in the Madras Music Academy, be as young as you want to in Zara and eat a fancy meal in Fusion 9. Bow your head in the Kapileshwar temple.  While you are at it, visit the Chepauk Stadium and be dazzled in the yellow brighter than sunlight. On your visits you will realize what I did. Chennai is proud of itself.

[Discover the India of your dreams @ - The Way I Like.]